About me:

Hey there,

Do you love the ocean? Because if you do, then we have one thing in common!

Welcome to my blog – Slow Fish.

The mission

Simply put, Slow Fish is an international community of chefs, students, foodies and fishermen all around the world. The ultimate goal of the community is to solve problems related to the ocean, fisheries, cultural seafood systems, and marine habitats.

What can you find on the website?

Informative posts

If you are digging deeper into locally fresh seafood or anything related to the ocean, this is the right match for you. Everything written in the post is collected from scientists as well as local fishermen along the coastline. You will find lots of interesting piece of information that could not be found elsewhere.

Connecting opportunities

As I mentioned earlier, Slow Fish focuses on building a community amongst scientists, students, and fishermen. For that reason, visiting Slow Fish is going to bring a chance of connection that is going to add values.

Updated news

Slow Fish 2016 is also a place where you can update news related to the ocean all around the world. Fishermen are the main factor that provide everything you see on my blog. Honestly, this blog would be nothing if there is no help from local people.

Travel information

This is one of my favorite parts of the blog. Travelling is more and more popular amongst youngsters. By taking advantages of the broad network of local fishermen and chefs around the world, Slow Fish 2016 gives you detailed and tailor-made travel information that would make your travel experience worthwhile.


Last but not least, festivals also make up a huge proportion of Slow Fish 2016. If you wish to learn more about the local culture, this session of Slow Fish 2016 is extremely helpful for your trip.

Let the journey begins

Slow Fish 2016 brings a whole journey to all of you. Whether you want to sink yourself into mesmerizing submarine life or want to dig more information for your trip, Slow Fish 2016 is there to help.

If you have made it to this point, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Building this blog has been a passion of mine for so long and being able to see it grow day by day really brings a sense of pride to me.

Now, let your journey with the sea begins!

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