Instagram is a social media platform that has become a very difficult digital landscape to successfully navigate. After all, one wrong move, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and your account could be instantly in jeopardy.

However, there is no need to fear. We have come up with various tips that you can use in order to become the sole master of your fate. SMVT suggest that if you simply follow and implement the tips below and you will have a greater chance of being able to sustain a healthy Instagram account.


1. Avoid beginning to like or comment

If you just started/created your account, avoid beginning to like or comment on other accounts immediately. Instead, you want to look to post your own content. This is something Instagram’s algorithm looks for because fake accounts generally begin to comment spam immediately. After a week or so of posting content, you can begin liking and commenting on others’ accounts.

2. Complete your profile.

You want to include as much as you can on your profile to ensure that your account looks active and real. If you don’t complete your profile, it will make you look like a bot account.

3. Don’t stop posting photos once you begin.

A lot of the bot or spam accounts will post a few photos and stop completely. Instead, you want to continue to post new content regularly. By posting content sufficiently, you should be able to avoid looking like a spam account. After all, actual Instagram users post content frequently.

4. Don’t excessively ‘like’ photos on Instagram.

Bot accounts typically ‘like’ everything. Instead of ‘liking’ everything, you want to limit them to content that you actually want to engage with. Keep in mind, the max amount of ‘likes’ you can give off per hour is 350 and it is suggested to not even go anywhere near this amount.

5. Don’t follow everyone.

As with liking, you want to avoid following anyone and everyone. This is considered a bot-like behavior. Because of this, you want to save your follows for accounts that are quality. Thus, consider who you follow wisely as it could completely ruin your account if you follow too many bot accounts.

6. Don’t duplicate your content or comments.

You want to avoid duplicating any comments because this is something that is considered bot behavior and it can be recognized right away. Therefore, you want to avoid this at all costs because you will be suspended from commenting for a significant period of time. Instagram doesn’t want a bunch of bot accounts spamming comments all over. If you do manage to get the “action blocked” message, you will have to wait it out. We’ve heard from sources that this type of suspension can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

7. Don’t mention users that are not already following you on other’s posts.

This is typically something that you might look to do when your photo has been chosen as a winner for some kind of competition. While you might instinctively assume that you should be thanking them for choosing you, it would be wise to reconsider because it can cause you to look like a spam bot that Instagram seeks to destroy.

8. Careful with automated Instagram service

You should be careful when you are using any sort of automated Instagram service including both Like or Follow-Bots. While it would be wise to completely disregard even considering using these services, there are situations where you might want to. Therefore, you simply want to be careful using them and know that there is a significant inherent risk to using them no matter how often or how little you do so. Instagram has become very diligent and good at detecting which accounts are using bots and these automated services and they have begun cracking down on the use of them.


9. Don’t ignore the community guidelines.

There are plenty of things that can get you penalzed by Instagram, but by reading the guidelines, you should be aware of a lot of the key things to strictly avoid.


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