1. Establish the Potential Causes

If you are seeking to minimize and eliminate the risks of an accident in your workplace, it is crucial to first identify the major causes of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. These causes can include:

  • Uneven Floor Surfaces;
  • Insufficient Lighting;
  • Wet Floors;
  • Trailing Cables and Other Tripping Hazards;

Establish the Potential Causes

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2. Perform Great Housekeeping

In all types of businesses, good housekeeping is very crucial when trying to prevent accidents from happening. In case your property’s housekeeping routine is below standards, then this will lead to an increased number of accidents and your employees getting injured, increased levels of health insurance and maybe even regulation citations. In order to establish an effective housekeeping strategy, you need to follow these 3 steps:

  • Prior planning;
  • Proper allocation of Responsibilities;
  • Execute an Effective Program;

Perform Great Housekeeping

3. Address Slippery Floors Urgently

Walking on wet floors and surfaces is highly hazardous. This is especially so for surfaces that are low-friction, for example, linoleum amongst other widely used types of flooring. Some common areas that are highly likely to experience slips, trips and falls due to wet flooring can include:

  • Areas where food is prepared;
  • The Reception area;
  • Stairs;
  • Bathroom & Shower Stalls;
  • Exposed Parking Lots;

Address Slippery Floors Urgently

4. Keep Aisles And Walkways Clear Of Obstacles

In order to avoid accidents related to tripping, you need to clearly establish designated avenues for employee movement. Typically, this means that you will have to implement clean-up operations to make sure that the walkways are clear of any clutter. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Maintain all the workplaces, stores and passageways clear;
  • Ensure there are no loose cables across the walkways;
  • Don’t leave any obstructions;
  • Schedule frequent inspections for potential hazards;

Keep Aisles And Walkways Clear Of Obstacles

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5. Ensure Proper Lighting

Poor and insufficient lighting in the office is a very common problem that causes a high number of accidents. If you are determined to avoid accidents, ensure that:

  • Make sure that walkways, staircases, and commonly used areas are properly illuminated;
  • Make sure that all work areas are properly lit;
  • Address any ineffective and broken lighting urgently;
  • Ensure that light switches in rooms are easily accessible and reachable;

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